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Rajneesh Sharma, CEO:

With a long track record as an entrepreneur, technology pioneer, and product evangelist in the Applied Behavior Analysis community, Raj started MeasurePM™ after discovering that others in the ABA management platform space promised to be flexible and customizable… but weren't.

His arrival as creator of the premier SaaS product specializing in Practice Management, Revenue Cycle Management and Data collection for the ABA industry is grounded in decades of solid computer and engineering experience. Raj has built a career bringing his expertise to solve technical, management, and business challenges for such names as Deckers, Intel, Morton Salt, Medtronic, and Amvik.

All of which means that, no matter the challenge you throw at him, Raj knows how to approach it from both an Enterprise and Customer Relationship Management perspective.

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Rajneesh Sharma
Rajneesh Sharma


Ujvala K Sharma
Ujvala K Sharma


Ujvala K Sharma,CTO:

Ujvala is a strategic transformational technology leader with strong business acumen and 20+ years in IT leadership involving Software Architecture and Development. With over two decades of product development lifecycle experience and as both a hands-on advisor/full time executive, she leverages a pragmatic approach in remediation which includes both short-term/rapid and long-term/foundational improvements. Working as an internal change agent at MPM she delivers the appropriate technology solutions needed to support rapid growth of our product. As a CTO with extensive experience leading DEV and IT operations, Ujvala is best using her exceptional needs assessment skill set and ability to leverage key relationships to support all aspects of IT infrastructures from web-based platforms to software design, development, and deployment. Frequently referred to as resourceful and a positive influence, her core competencies include an extremely passionate drive for leveraging digital & emerging technologies to create IT strategies, roadmaps, architectures, and methodologies to deliver solutions that address complex business challenges.

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Marco Esposito, Sales/Marketing Specialist:

Take an International Relations and Global Business academic with solid experience of global finance, business and communications throughout the western hemisphere and Europe. Combine him with a mixture of first-hand insights rarely seen in the ABA community, and layer it atop a background in both the hospitality and translation industries and you've got our head of marketing & sales.

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Marco Esposito
Marco Esposito

Sales/Marketing Specialist

Scott Stauffer
Scott Stauffer

Financial Whiz Kid

Scott Stauffer, Billing Manager

MeasurePM™ is built by ABA professionals, for ABA professionals.
This isn't just a snappy line of copy on the website either. Scott quickly left one of our competitors the moment he heard everything MeasurePM™ could already do, not to mention all the new applications still in the works. One of his first comments was "I have GOT to be part of this!"

Scott's the guy you'll coordinate with to keep your account running smoothly and without interruption. And don't let his youthful appearance fool you. Scott's got many years of solid experience under his belt in administration, billing, audits, and system strategies; all experience he'll bring to the table on your behalf.

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Adfer Jan
Adfer Jan

Technical Support

Adfer Jan, Technical Support

It requires field expertise to identify a person as a Litterateur; a literary person and a professional writer. Then again Adfer is a combination of all those attributes. Widely acknowledged as having a highly developed intellect, she craves a challenge to test her limits.

As a key part of the team supporting and implementing the MeasurePM™ vision, Adfer is tasked with taking your questions, concerns, and ideas for customizing our program and turning them into reality and better functionality. She loves that no two days are ever alike and that she gets to creatively script, verbalize, and manage our system to more effectively run your business. If you've been wanting a new application for MeasurePM,

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