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We’ve been in your seat!

That means MeasurePM™’s strategic team understands the importance of knowing a practice’s efficiencies, staff scheduled/rendered hours, auth utilization and profitability at a glance.

And we’ve spent hundreds of hours developing an amazingly flexible and comprehensive system that:

  • Measures and tracks operations and performance
  • Calculates and analyzes billable and non-billable sessions
  • Tracks staff productivity percentages, availability, invested hours, and profitability
  • Provides insight into the most critical areas of a practice

Using MeasurePM™’s Utilization reports, you’ll be able to automatically distribute work opportunities to available staff. This eliminates questions, improves morale, and adds straight to the bottom line.

Whether you’re tracking administrative services, auth utilization, payroll, or profitability, MeasurePM™’s got the answers you need. Reports are easily filtered, customized, and exported (Excel and Quickbooks) to suit your needs, with your preferences for types of charts and output saved with the push of a button.


At Last: An easy way to bring your practice into focus.


Talk with MeasurePM™. You’re sure to be pleasantly surprised.