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We know some of your concerns might include:

  • Scheduling the wrong therapist for a session; or
  • Booking two providers for the same session; or
  • Having a client waiting, but nobody scheduled to service them

MeasurePM™'s Appointment Workflow Solution eliminates all these problems by:

  • Preventing you from scheduling an appointment without a provider.
  • Finding the perfect provider for each client based on gender, language spoken, qualification (degree level), availability and custom filters.

With MeasurePM™'s unique scheduling tools, you'll know the status of your appointments, client schedules, and provider availability with just a glance.

We have made it extremely simple for your staff to track auth utilization, check session statuses, staff availability and much more in the most seamless way possible.

At MeasurePM™ we're all about finding ways to improve your business. We've been in your seat and know the challenges you're up against.

Talk with MeasurePM™. You’re sure to be pleasantly surprised.

Improve your practice & your profitability today!

MeasurePM Appointment Workflow