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Data Collection


Whether at your desk or on the go, MeasurePM™'s streamlined integrated data collection system allows you to record data, monitor student progress, and update client instructional programs quickly, efficiently, and with applications customized to your company's specific needs.

  • Simple, intuitive data collection at the touch of your finger
  • View daily summary data and graphs for each client and program
  • Quick access to historical, trial-by-trial data for each program


Like what MeasurePM™'s shown you so far? We’re JUST getting warmed up, since you'll soon be able to:

  • Create and use your own curriculum
  • Create instructional programs that fit each student’s individual needs
  • Easily create clear instructional procedures for your staff

And here's the best part: Subscribers have access to MeasurePM™'s in-depth and customizable instructional curriculum based on the latest research in Verbal Behavior Development Theory.

Behavior Management


MeasurePM™ combines fun and learning with animated customizable token and DRO boards to motivate your students to reach their instructional goals. And our customizable reinforcement schedules will notify your staff when a student has earned their tokens.

  • Choose from a variety of characters and tokens to keep things entertaining…then program your student's DRO board to notify them when it's time to move their character up the board.
  • Behavior QuickTabs allow users to quickly record frequency, intensity, and duration data without flipping through stacks of data sheets.

And did we mention that our automated system will accurately record your DRO data based on the occurrence of problem behaviors?


Yup, you heard right. With MeasurePM™ you can easily:

  • Create and use your own curriculum.
  • Easily monitor student progress using daily & monthly behavior/instructional graphs.
  • Automatically track trends and notify users when a student meets instructional criteria or when an instructional tactic is needed to facilitate skill acquisition.
  • Configure your trend notifications on an organization-wide or client-specific basis.
  • Organize your staff correspondence to ensure all your information for modifying instructional programs is in one place.
Daily & Monthly Behavior/Instructional Graphs
Clinical Progress Reports


A system that ensures you can quickly generate accurate and detailed progress reports guarantees you’ll spend more time with your students.

And isn't that what REALLY matters?